Glass Pyramid Live

Live performance using a multi-channel speaker system within a glass pyramid in Moerenuma Park

Moerenuma Park in Sapporo is a landscape designed by Isamu Noguchi in Sapporo City. The "glass pyramid” standing in the sprawling Moerenuma Park can be said to be a symbol of Moerenuma Park itself. I have peformed a total of 8 live performances of various types in the glass pyramid until now in both Summer and Winter. These are live performances of Acousmatic music, using an 8.1ch or 16.1ch multi-speaker system. With the live “Traveller - - for Deep White Memories” carried out as an official program within the art festival “SNOWSCAPE MOERE IV” held in 2009, Acousmatic music was performed with the percussionist Akiko Mizugai playing the Crystal Bowl, based on the recording of the recitation of the Kenji Miyazawa work “Glacier Rat Fur Skin”.