Sapporo North2 CGM Digital Signage

Production and work using a 10 multi-screen and 17.1ch multi-channel speaker system operated within Sapporo North2, an underground walkway in Sapporo station.

This is the public CGM digital signage system managed by the Sapporo City Office in the Sapporo North2 space located within the underground walkway linking the JR Sapporo station and a main road. There were 6 vertical displays on the West wall and 4 horizontal displays on the East wall, making a total 10 displays. There are a total of 7 speakers and 1 woofer on both sides of the main speaker, with super-directional speakers that output like a straight beam located respectively on each display. These combine to make a 17.1ch multi-channel speaker system.
This space was used for a performance of the “Acoustic Experiment ver.01”, which is a collaboration between Mary Doumany, from Australia, who participated as a harpist for film music, such as “Shine” and “Truman Show” and my multi-channel acousmatic music.