“White Division”soundtrack

My soundtrack for the Image Work “White Division” produced by Nina Fisher & Maloan el Sani

I produced the music for the for the documentary film “White Division”, created by the German modern artists Nina Fisher & Maloan el Sani, which films the stages of the production of heavy snow at the Sapporo Snow Festival. I have many fun memories of the Snow Festival from my childhood, but the production site seen through the eyes of these Germans seemed to be of a completely different scene. “Why are the self-defence forces for National Defense spending time, expenses and effort on producing large snow images?” “What is more, these will be destroyed within 2-3 days.” Further, as the large snow images created that year were of the animals in Asahiyama Zoo (polar bears and gorillas etc.), large amounts of personnel, time and effort were spent on large snow images that could only be saved for several days, What is more, while capturing the images, they are expressing the mystery of the scene produced on the model of endangered species, and the job of expressing this scene that cannot be understood by foreigners in “music”, was really difficult. The screening party is in live format, and incorporates a plan to appreciate images while listening to a live performance of the Marimba.