Numbers Matter 121  2/3

ロンドンの前衛芸術拠点 IKLECTIK [off-site] と Zapt 主催のネット・イベント「NUMBERS MATTER 121」第2弾・第3弾に作品「re:vive」を出品しました。

■日時 Japan Time : 2021年4月22日(木) 21:00~、4月23日(金) 04:30~
■作品 宮北裕美、chiharu mk & micelle、鈴木昭男、Wei Wei aka VAVABOND、Chunyang Yao。

chiharu mkの楽曲「chain」の中の1楽章。



Inspired by Hokkaido’s hard winters, “Re:vive” is the first part of Chiharu MK’s new composition “「Chain」”.
Micelle’s “contact improvisation” dance style was influenced by Aikido, the Japanese martial art based on the communication between two or more moving bodies in physical contact. Once the two dancers tested negative for Covid-19, they saw their participation in “Re;vive” as a challenge how to dance under strict Covid-19 social distancing restrictions, asking: “What is the meaning of communicating through body?”