chiharu mk is a Japanese female electronic artist.
First approaches to electroacoustic music at the GRM since 2001,and to audio spatialisation and to playing acousmonium at the FUTURA in 2002. In 2007 'piano prizm' album ,in 2009 'waterproof',in 2013 'blue flow' and in 2014 'moere' [Yugen Art label].She also works in the field of art producing music for German contemporary artists and participates with her sound installations in triennial national exhibitions. PORTFOLIO


chiharu mkはGRM [fr.]にて電子音響音楽を学ぶ。 多次元立体音響システム「アクースモニウム」の演奏、サウンド・インスタレーション、ライブ演奏、各分野への楽曲提供。 2007年に1st Album「piano prizm」、2009年に「waterproof」、2013年に波紋音奏者:永田砂知子とのコラボアルバム「blue flow」をStudioC+から、2014年イタリア「Yugen Art」から「moere」をリリース。

chiharu mk is a Japanese experimental electronic musician and Sachiko Nagata, also from Japan, is a percussionist who plays a peculiar instrument: 'Hamon', which is a bow iron drum which is blended with field recordings that come from Hokkaido, an island in the North of Japan. Sounds of birds, gulls and other birds, raindrops, 'Hamon' timbres that spread across the sound environment give more depth and colorful and rhythm to the music. Such is the variety of sounds ('Blow Flow I' and Blow Flow II ') that become melodies, it's better to be careful and not to miss anything. 'Blow Flow III' I Blow Flow' has an intense and penetrating drone in the background but still the birds and the 'Hamon' mark their presence. Amazing disc!   / Guillermo Escudero March 2013

「blue flow」 SC-MK-1301 (StudioC+) 定価2,000円 photo by BOZZO.
永田砂知子の演奏によるオリジナルの鉄のスリッドドラム「波紋音」と、神威岬を中心としたフィールドレコーディングによるchiharu mkの電子音楽の世界。  こちらから視聴出来ます。

ー深白の記憶へー  snowscape moere 4
This story started from an unexpected phone call:"Could you make a concert with the sound of winter in Hokkaido?"
Collecting and listening to various sounds of winter in Hokkaido, I started thinking by MIYAZAWA Kenji. This story is staged on a train of winter, and exactly mataches the world of collected sound of winter in Hokkaido. The concert was composed withe electroacoustic music,with percussion by MIZUGAI Akiko who played Crystal Singing Bowls,Sanukite,Shanti Chime and with text from MIYAZAWA Kenji's fairy tale and sounds played from 8 channel Multi speaker system.
On this night, the expanded sound world in the glass pyramid of Moerenuma Park was breathless, exceeding stereophony, creating fantastic spaces.This pyramid is the "special" place and became part of my work.

31.Jan.2009 snowscape moere 4 / chiharu mk

AcousticExperiment01 オンキョージッケン 01

平成27年2月1日、7.1chスピーカーを使用したアイリッシュ・ハープト電子音響ライブ。 映画「シャイン」「トゥルーマン・ショウ」のサントラに参加しているハーピスト「メアリー・ダウマニー」のジャパン・ツアー2015の一環として行われ、chiharu mkの音響のコラボにより、ポップな「ノイズ・ケルト」サウンドとなっている。 映像はOmi(Amejika)が担当した。[Sapporo North2]

この企画は後にSapaporoNorth2 Award2015・年間コンテンツ部門優秀賞に選ばれ、2016年3月13日札幌市より表彰される。

1.piano prism

2.Tree of Life_remix - r

4.kodama for 2 castanets

[ sc-mk-0701  /studioC+ 2007 ]


Listen : こちらから視聴出来ます。

chiharu mk   piano + 8 speakers live.

Cremona Hall [ The top of the Mt.Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan ]

Organized by Onpa.
Sponsored by YAMAHA(EKB・LM)
Sound System: Tatsya Yamaguchi
Nominal Supported by The City of Hakodate, Hakodate Board of Education, Tan-Rog, FM-IRUKA.

函館山頂上クレモナホールにてソロライブ。スタンウェイにセンサーMoog pianobarを取り付けたマルチチャンネルスピーカー音響によるシステム。ピアノの背景はガラス張りで函館山からの夜景が広がる。

chiharu mk " moere " [Yugen Art / Italy」 Mar 2014 ~

"Yugen Art" is Italian Music Label.

Francisco Lo'pezやJonas Olesenなどのタイトルをリリースしている
イタリアの音響レーベル「Yugen Art」より、
冬のモエレ沼公園やガラスのピラミッドでField Recordingをおこなった音響作品「moere」をリリース。

Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art Winter Wonder Museum 2014
chiharu mk "crystal blue" (2014) [sound installation]
The sounds of Daisuke Takaomi's glass work "Afurederu" & Kenichi Kanazawa's iron work "Oto no kakera" were used for this work. 4channel Multi speaker sound installation.
「クリスタルブルー」2014 北海道立近代美術館

Hokkaido University:22,June,2013
chiharu mk - "spatial audio lecture & live" (2013)
北海道大学・遠友学舎 レクチャーコンサート

chiharu mk "paramnesia 2.0 sn2" (2013)
voice: Noriko Hirano
7.1ch Multi speaker sound installation for Sapporo Ekimae-dori underground walkway (Chi-Ka-Ho).
Chi-Ka-Ho is 520m underground space. It links JR Sapporo Station and Subway Namboku Line Susukino Station underground in a straight line.There is the Large installation digital signage system in the public space, the North 2 area of Chi-Ka-Ho.

Water and Land - Niigata Art Festival 2012 - 「水と土の芸術祭

chiharu mk "droplets 2012 "
4ch Multi speaker sound installation & Live Performance.

The work collaborated with Hideaki Sasaki's water & light installation.

chiharu mk "waterproof" (sc-mk-0901)StudioC+ Release on 2,Sep. 2009

1. waterproof
2. a.N.
3. panoramic chaos
4. no.4
5. style - r junichi oguro remix
6. blue cave - inner mind -
7. flow         Listen: 視聴出来ます!

chiharu mk "paramnesia β 1.0 oketo" (2013)

Sound installation of digital surround headphone system & live performance.

chiharu mk  "memorize" (2009) 8ch multi speaker sound installation.

In the end of November, during real winter time, I walked arround wearing a thick winter suite, tripping around and collecting a winter sound scape.
Ringing horse sled bells, a blacksmith pounding iron, a carriage railway, herring fishing and folksongs at the workshop,running water in a hole of ice, blizzard, cracking tree from icy winter.....




live blue flow - for hamon & acousmatic Music

sachiko nagata & chiharu mk live performance.

YouTube "blue flow" 2012

横浜 三渓園 旧燈明寺3days Live.



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